Losing Sleep Due To Acid Reflux? Make It A Thing Of The Past!

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Is your chest in pain? Does it worsen while you are at rest? Do you realize it starts after consuming a meal. Are you experiencing a bitterness in your mouth after you eat? Do you have a constant sore throat? All of these are symptoms of acid reflux, and your relief will be found in the text below.

Keep an eye on the types of foods you eat which causes the symptoms of acid relux to flare up. People who have acid reflux can usually point to specific foods that cause problems. Becoming aware of your own triggers can help you to avoid those foods and alleviate reflux.

If you are a smoker, consider quitting. Nicotine boost stomach acid and can cause increased occurrences of acid reflux. Don’t stress your system by quitting abruptly, but rather cut down gradually. Quit slowly instead.

Remain upright during and following meals. Lying down allows acid to climb up your esophagus. Your esophagus will feel much better when you get up on your feet.

High-impact exercising can increase your acid reflux symptoms. If you contract your abs during your workout, stomach acid could be forced in your esophagus and cause pain. Wait a few hours before you engage in any physical activity.

Chewing Gum

Chew on cinnamon gum after your meals. Chewing increases saliva production inside your mouth. This helps neutralize stomach acid. Additionally, you will swallow more often while chewing gum, and this will remove any acid sitting in the esophagus. Fruity gums can also work. Many people enjoy using chewing gum, if you are one of them, avoid mint since it can relax your esophagus and encourage reflux.

Get in shape to reduce acid reflux. The most common situation leading to acid reflux is being overweight. If you lose 10% of your weight, acid reflux will have a lesser effect on your body. Don’t crash diet to lose weight, instead start eating less and exercising more.

You should never lay down after a meal. Having a horizontal digestive system leads to problems. It’s possible to reduce your acid reflux symptoms by remaining upright after your meal, and of course, eating healthy at all times.

Also, try and keep those stress triggers contained. Stress is a leading cause of excessive stomach acid production, which can cause acid reflux. Find out what is causing your anxiety and eliminate it from your life immediately.

Acid Reflux

You should not self-diagnose with the acid reflux. Discomfort and regurgitation are serious symptoms and should be presented to a physician. Certain heart disorders, ulcers and other conditions can actually mimic acid reflux. Your doctor has the ability to run tests that will help figure out if it’s really acid reflux.

If you have acid reflux, you know it’s often impossible to eat spaghetti and pizza. Use sugar in your meals to reduce the acid percentage. This will sweeten the sauce up a little bit, and also make it easier for you to eat.

Reduce or eliminate spicy dishes from your diet, particularly in the early evening. These include Mexican foods, jalapenos and peppers. These and other hot foods can dry your skin, cause indigestion and intensify acid reflux.

Don’t eat a lot of food right before calling it a day. It is wise to avoid eating approximately three hours prior to bedtime. The acids produced for food processing can give you heartburn, especially when laying down.

No, you’re not having a heart attack. You do not have the flu, and your food is not really causing you to feel ill. After reading this article, you now know how to treat acid reflux. Put in the time and energy to make the right changes and you will feel right as rain.